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Customer Stories

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Like most people, we love receiving handwritten letters, especially from our customers. Meet Dave, Ann, and Dennie and Hassan, who shared with us how we positively impacted their lives and created more hope for their futures.

Meet Dennie & Hassan

A Retirement That Lives Up to All Your Adventures

“I’m 72 years young, my wife is 69. We’ve been fortunate to retire earlier than most.”

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Meet Dave

How a Reverse Mortgage Proved Useful After a Natural Disaster

“We were about to initiate our mortgage application when our community was hit by tragedy.”

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Meet Ann

How Ann Went FAR in Retirement

“Investing in this choice has been the best decision.”

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Venice Sessions

Life after 60 is full of both incredible potential and frustration – from finances to health to career to family. In a study of how to navigate retirement, FAR sits down with eight people in Venice Beach, CA who share about their life with HomeSafe® and how they decided to focus on what matters to them.

Meet Steven

For Me It Was a Life Changing Experience

At 75, Steven found freedom to step away from his law practice to focus on his art while also opening up time for his family.

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Meet Ron

It Was Time to Move On

After 8 years as a widower, Ron finally realized his wife is not coming back and that it was time to move on and focus on his life ahead.

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Meet Linda

There’s Nowhere Else I’d Rather Live

As an active member of her community, Linda is constantly out and about. Whether it is swimming, going to the movies, or entertaining friends, she is always on the go.

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Meet Richard

I Have Been Living in Corona Del Mar for 40 Years

After decades as a self-employed entrepreneur in the restaurant and food industry, Richard has learned a great deal about the ups and downs of business and making smart real estate choices.

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Meet Mario and Veronica

Seeing the World Together

These two are making memories all across the world. Mario and Veronica are living their bucket list.

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Meet Keith and Julianne

We Wanted To Take the Pressure off Us

After enjoying successful careers as entrepreneurs, Keith and Julianne started to evaluate where they were in life and the expenses needed to maintain their lifestyle.

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What our customers are saying.

FAR’s application and underwriting process was straightforward and completed in a timely manner. My representative was very helpful and always available to answer my questions. FAR has impacted my life greatly and I now have the financial freedom to remove stress during retirement.

John M. of FL

FAR was very helpful in helping me narrow down my options. What excited me the most was the confidence I had in the information FAR gave me compared to others, and the comfort level I had working with my representative. I received lots of information, had all my questions answered, and had it given to me in a form for comparison without feeling pressured.

Reg H. of Durham, NC

FAR helped us every step of the way with our reverse mortgage. We now have the financial freedom to do what we love instead of being stuck at home. We’re senior and able-bodied, and now our finances are as strong as we feel physically. We’re excited to live the rest of our lives in our forever home.

LaRaeM. of West Haven, UT

FAR didn’t treat us like another name or number, but like family. The process was like clockwork and had us feeling prepared for the season ahead. We are beyond pleased with Finance of America Reverse.

John A. of Charleston, WV

FAR put my mind at ease during an extremely stressful time. They kept me updated and would say, ‘Don’t worry, Jack. We’ve got your back and everything is good.’ I thought everything was going to fall apart due to the economy at the time, but my representative was kind and understanding. I couldn’t have had a better experience.

Jack O. of Graton, CA

Finance of America Reverse carried me across the finish line. I knew nothing about the process, but they worked hard to ensure I was informed and everything was done well. My representative was phenomenal and we got to know each other on a personal level. I had a lot of anxiety going into the process, but they put me at ease which allowed me to continue with the process and make it a reality. When I speak to people about my experience, I tell them FAR will give them results.

Karen O. of Highland, NY

Finance of America Reverse answered my prayers. They explained everything to me with consistent updates. They even took their time to call my daughter in another state to discuss everything about the reverse mortgage, which was awesome. With everything that I needed to hear during the appraisals, the process was smooth and I couldn’t be happier.

Shirley K. of New Harmony, UT

As seniors, we appreciated FAR’s knowledge and patience with us during the reverse mortgage process. All of our questions were answered right away and the process took less time than expected. It took a big weight off our shoulders because we’re retired and it was hard to get the money we needed to maintain our lifestyle. After reverse, we plan to live the rest of our lives in our house and couldn’t be happier.

John G. of Rochelle Park, NJ

FAR was very helpful, friendly, and took us step-by-step through the finish line. All of our questions were answered and the process was easy, not to mention the rate and terms were favorable. Getting a reverse mortgage helped take the financial pressure off our backs and now that we have more breathing room, we can cover our bases with money to spare on what we love most.

Nicholas S. of Fords, NJ

My experience with Finance of America Reverse was amazing. My loan officer was very pleasant and touched base with me multiple times a week to keep me informed. They made everything fully understandable and the process was smooth sailing. This process enabled me to have more money to maintain my lifestyle, and I couldn’t be more grateful for FAR.

Steven Y. of Placerville, CA

Finance of America Reverse was very accommodating compared to other companies that I’ve dealt with. Their application process wasn’t difficult and my representative was extremely friendly, reassuring, and honest. They told me exactly what I needed to do and guided me through the process, answering any questions I had.

Roxanne S. of Peabody, MA

I was blessed by the cyber gods when I first began the reverse mortgage process. Finance of America Reverse led me through the steps and decisions with patience, good humor, and expertise. I could always count on them to answer my questions with information I could understand, and their personality and kindness made the project easier than expected. FAR’s staff was incredible in helping me on my reverse journey.

Marlene J. of Sammamish, WA

Finance of America Reverse LLC borrowers have been compensated for their participation. Statements are their own.

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