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A Retirement That Lives Up to All Your Adventures

“I’m 72 years young, my wife is 69. We’ve been fortunate to retire earlier than most.”

Many of us aspire to retire early, but few ever accomplish that goal.

The things we do in our professional life are often driven by the age in which we retire. Until we get there, our investments, savings, and other life choices dictate the reality of these goals.

For Hassan and Dennie, retiring early was made possible by savvy decisions they made that put them in the position they dreamed about for their entire lives.

Oftentimes, we focus a lot on the things we do long before we reach retirement, but in many cases, the things we do when we actually reach retirement can help position us for the success we yearn for.

Finance of America Reverse LLC borrowers have been compensated for their participation. Statements are their o

We did some research, looking at reviews and recommendations for a reputable company. And, FAR stood out!

— Dennie and Hassan, Real HomeSafe Customers

The strategic decisions Dennie and Hassan made once they got there helped solidify the retirement they wanted for themselves.

Hassan, as he says, is “72 years young” and his wife Dennie is 69. With tons of hard work and planning, they were both able to retire earlier than many other Baby Boomers their age.

They did a lot of research to find a reputable Reverse Mortgage provider that could help them stay in their home as long as they both lived. Their loan gave them peace of mind and extra money to do the things they loved heading into retirement.

This story represents how unique the path to retirement can be. Sometimes there are challenges and tough decisions to be made. For Dennie and Hassan, a reverse was a savvy and productive tool that helped them reach their goals and live the life they truly desired.

Four years later, our Reverse Mortgage is working just as promised, giving us extra money each month to do the things we love. And, best of all, peace of mind knowing we can live in our home as long as we desire.

— Dennie and Hassan, Real HomeSafe Customers

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Finance of America Reverse LLC borrowers have been compensated for their participation. Statements are their own.