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Living in Her Corner of Paradise

Cynthia knew from a young age she’d found her forever home, which happens to be the one she grew up in.

Cynthia, 70, can pinpoint the day some fifty years ago when she realized she always wanted to live in the house she grew up in. “I remember as a 20-year-old running down the side of the house with all the greenery around me and hearing the frogs and the birds, and I thought, you know, I don’t want to go anywhere. I just want to stay right here.”

Now, thanks to a HomeSafe reverse mortgage from Finance of America Reverse, she can enjoy her retirement in the Santa Monica Canyon, California home she loves.

Home to Stay

Cynthia’s house was precious to her from her very earliest memory. When Cynthia was a year old, her mother moved to California from Ohio and bought this piece of land a couple blocks from the beach. Her mother’s eight siblings moved there, too, and Cynthia grew up surrounded by family. She remembers a wonderful childhood, exploring the beach and falling asleep to the sound of crickets and frogs at night.

“I really enjoyed the area,” she remembers. “So much that when I was in my 20s, I was engaged to a guy from New York. He said I had to move to New York. I chose my house over him.”

She eventually married someone more amenable to staying in the home she calls “the love of my life.” The couple undertook a major renovation expanding the house from 750 to 2,200 square feet.

Cynthia had paid off the mortgage by the time her daughter was born in 1996. Then, “for nine glorious years, I didn’t worry about a mortgage,” she remembers. “It was wonderful.”

Years later, Cynthia and her husband divorced, and she took on a new 30-year mortgage to buy out her ex-husband. She tried to make it work but found it burdensome to carry a mortgage, a line of credit, and credit card debt, so she began investigating ways to combine all of her debt into one mortgage.

“I had debt, and I was getting older,” she says.

I don’t worry about taking care of things. It just made my life more pleasant.

— Cynthia, real HomeSafe customer

An Answer Comes Knocking

Cynthia was looking for a solution when serendipitously, a salesman associated with a reverse mortgage company knocked on her door.

“I had always been dubious about reverse mortgages, as many people are,” she remembers. But the salesman piqued her interest, and her subsequent research led her to Finance of America Reverse.

“All the people in all the departments I needed to deal with were knowledgeable and fast,” she says. “I really felt secure.”

She now has peace of mind about her daughter’s future and can cover her living and home maintenance expenses without stress. “One thing the reverse mortgage did for me was give me a much greater sense of security,” she says. “I don’t worry about taking care of things. It just made my life more pleasant.”

It’s peace of mind that she wishes she had been able to enjoy throughout her adult life in her own little corner of paradise. “In retrospect, I should have considered a reverse mortgage much earlier.”

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