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Closing with us is just the beginning

We’re out to redefine the borrower-lender relationship.

Too many lenders offer limited and impersonal customer assistance after a loan closes, leaving borrowers on their own to figure out what comes next. In this current economic environment, it’s more important than ever to have a trusted partner by your side offering counsel, expertise, and a commitment to finding solutions that can adapt with you throughout your entire retirement journey.

That’s why we created the FAR Borrower Care team, the industry’s first and only customer concierge service.

Our work begins when your loan is completed. With a dedicated staff focused on providing you the level of service you deserve, we are active friends and attentive neighbors building a relationship with you and your loved ones that spans the life of your loan and beyond.

Expert Answers

Get professional and personal support when you need it.

Home Improvement

Find help in locating vendors to make upgrades and renovations.

Special Offers

Receive preferred pricing when refinancing your loan.

Helping you go FAR

When you trust your retirement finances to FAR, you’ll get free and unlimited access to superior support:

Care customized to you

Finances are personal, customer support should be too. That’s why all FAR HomeSafe borrowers receive the direct phone number of a live Borrower Care team member who’s familiar with your loan and your financial goals. No more waiting on hold to speak to an impersonal representative, we’re eager and ready to assist you when you call.

As an added HomeSafe benefit, our Borrower Care team works passionately and proactively to ensure you’re getting the most from your relationship with us. This extra level of white-glove service includes:

Active Loan Monitoring

We’ll stay in touch to remind you of important deadlines, catch problems before they happen, and keep your loan in good standing.

Form Assistance

Get help filling out processing and loan forms.

Friendly Check-Ins

You’ll hear from us after closing to help you get settled, on your loan anniversary, and even “just because.”

Leaving a Legacy

When our borrowers pass, we offer compassionate support to heirs during the loan payoff process and plant a memorial tree that ensures our customer’s legacy lives on.

“Having access to expert help throughout your loan is so vital. At any given moment your circumstances may change, and you may need to talk to someone familiar with your loan who can support your specific situation.”

– Jill Portilla, VP of Borrower Engagement

Get the care you deserve

Get the care you deserve

Current Customers

Contact a Borrower Care concierge for help with your loan.

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New Borrowers

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