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A monthly payment that’s more affordable

EquityAvail is an innovative new retirement mortgage for people looking to refinance into a lower monthly mortgage payment but don’t qualify for a reverse mortgage. Free up cash flow without downsizing or committing to a traditional 30-year refinance.

EquityAvail at a glance

Lowers monthly mortgage payments for 10 years*

After 10 years, monthly mortgage payments end*

There is a potential lump sum cash-out on day one

What EquityAvail can do for you

Sleeping couple with a reverse mortgage

Live where you love

Stay in the home and neighborhood you love on your terms.

Woman with a reverse mortgage

Reframe your career

Prepare for your perfect retirement by transitioning from working too much to what’s just right.

Man with a reverse mortgage

Own your life

You have worked hard for the things in your life. Start focusing on the experiences and people who really matter.

Finance of America Reverse (mortgage)

Life, accomplished

When you lighten the burden of monthly mortgage payments, you gain the freedom to accomplish new goals and achieve independence.

Hypothetical Scenario

in action

Angela is feeling grounded despite economic uncertainty.

For illustrative purposes, let’s look at a hypothetical situation. With a pandemic, Angela wanted to stay in her home. She’s 62 years old and struggling to make the income she needs. Based on her home value and current mortgage situation, Angela was able to refinance with EquityAvail to reduce her monthly mortgage payment for 10 years and eliminate the required monthly payment for the remainder of the loan. EquityAvail secured a significant monthly cash flow boost for Angela. Now, she has better stability living off retirement savings, part-time work, and Social Security.

Woman with a reverse mortgage

Hypothetical Scenario

How EquityAvail frees up cash

Face financial challenges head-on.

Because EquityAvail is designed to reduce monthly payment obligations, Angela is thriving. Her mortgage payment went from $3,675 to $1,327. So, for the first 10 years of EquityAvail, she frees up $2,348 every month.

Frequently asked

There is no minimum home value for EquityAvail, only a minimum loan amount of $100,000. The maximum lending limit is $4,000,000 although the home value may exceed the lending limit.

The following property types are eligible:

– Existing Single Family Residence

– Condominium

– 2-4 units

EquityAvail requires partial interest payments for the first 10 years, but after that, there are no monthly mortgage payments required for the remaining life of the loan. The borrower is responsible for all property tax and insurance obligations.

People 55+ who own and occupy their home as their primary residence, who have an existing forward mortgage, and who would be short to close on a reverse mortgage.

EquityAvail is currently available in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, Nevada, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia.

EquityAvail is a revolutionary retirement mortgage that allows people in or nearing retirement to significantly lower their mortgage payments for 10 years and then eliminate the need to make monthly mortgage payments altogether. It’s a single, fixed-rate mortgage with partial interest payments required for the first 10 years, after which no more monthly payments are required. As long as the borrower upholds the terms of the loan, which include living in the home as their primary residence, staying current on taxes and insurance, and upholding the terms of the loan, the loan does not need to be repaid until the last borrower passes away or sells the home. The loan is fully disbursed at closing, with a maximum loan amount of up to $4 million.

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