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It Was Time to Move On

After 8 years as a widower, Ron finally realized his wife is not coming back and that it was time to move on and focus on his life ahead.

Being able to experience the great outdoors on his terms is Ron’s greatest joy.

As a semi-retired accountant, Ron has been living in the home he shared with his wife for over 35 years in the San Fernando Valley. “She wanted this house, and now it has made me over a million bucks!” 8 years after losing his wife, Ron had finally accepted that she is not coming back and wanted to move on with his life and focus on his finances.

The realization came to Ron on his 70th birthday while on a ski lift. Being outdoors is his greatest love and he wanted to be able to explore mother nature and push his physical limits before he was too old. “I’m 70, guess what, I am not going to be here for another 70 years,” says Ron. “There may be some things you want to do before you get too old. If there are places that require outdoor physical activity, do it while you still can. At the end of the line in 10 years you will have great stories to tell your families. Enjoy life now!”

There are different types of reverses out there, they are not all cookie cutter. They give you so much flexibility depending on your lifestyle needs.

— Ron, Real HomeSafe Customer

Discovering all the benefits and flexibility of this loan made it a no-brainer.

Spending his entire career focused on numbers and finances, Ron has a binder full of research documenting every step of his reverse mortgage journey. The beauty that Ron found about this loan was “It gives all the flexibility that anyone could want — all wrapped up into one.” Meaning that he could pay off his accrued interest on a monthly basis, making it an interest only loan, or if he wanted to skip a payment or two and take a trip with friends or do some home improvements, he can do that too. Or he can work a little more and simply pay it off. Ron’s advice to others looking into a reverse mortgage is “Enjoy life with your home equity instead of selling other assets.”

To Ron, one of the fascinating things he learned about reverse was that his FICO score soared. He was able to pay off all his debts, including his credit cards, and had a score clear of any loans. “I look like I am an exceptional credit candidate, which is true. And I have the peace of mind knowing that I don’t have to pay my mortgage every month.”

I’m a happy camper. FAR really took care of my needs.

— Ron, Real HomeSafe Customer

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