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Finance of America Reverse Has New Look, Brand Assets to Reflect Its Modern Identity & Impactful Relationships with Customers

4 Min. Read

Launch of FAR.com introduces spokescharacter named ‘Gary,’ who is relatable and current for an increasingly younger population preparing to retire

The new style builds on FAR’s people-focused approach and highlights its range of alternative financing solutions that help more Americans get to work on retirement 

San Diego, CA – November 11, 2021 – Finance of America Reverse revealed today the launch of a new website, FAR.com, and a transformative brand refresh that will help the company enhance how it engages with a wide range of multigenerational homeowners to showcase its suite of modern and flexible alternative financing solutions. This announcement marks a significant step for FAR with the introduction of Gary – a fictional character who is the embodiment of FAR and its relationship with customers – as an accessible, friendly, and trusted guide. Gary, like FAR, is energetic, informed, and plain-spoken – no hyperbole.

A centerpiece of the refresh is an initial two-minute video featuring Gary, who walks viewers through the benefits of one of FAR’s newest proprietary products, EquityAvail, in addition to answering more common questions.

“Today marks a significant milestone and accomplishment for our company, and it’s the result of a multi-year effort to transform our marketing and highlight what makes us stand apart,” said Ashley Honore Smith, SVP of brand marketing and strategic communications at FAR. “It’s also a testament to our customers and a day to celebrate them, because they’ve been the inspiration behind all of this work and will continue to be the inflexible core of our brand.”

Smith added, “Since we started this work in 2018, we’ve further strengthened our brand and found more opportunities to genuinely engage with customers in a way that builds trust and confidence in both the knowledge and expertise we bring. Gary, our new spokescharacter and another industry-first, personifies our brand and demonstrates how we’re executing against our innovative, customer-centric approach and bringing our brand to life in ever more creative and unique ways.”

Brand Refresh Speaks to the Youthfulness of Today’s Pretirees and Retirees

FAR’s brand refresh deploys a bold new look that further defines the company’s voice and visual branding to ensure a consistent brand impression across audiences—and it does so in a way that is distinctly different from other retirement solutions companies. While many brands have an outdated voice and tone that only speaks to older consumers, FAR understands that today’s pretirees and retirees are more youthful and full of life than in past generations. By bringing authentic scenarios to intentionally dramatized vibrant settings, the brand uplevels its appeal to a wider audience and allows consumers to mirror themselves in the dramatized depiction while being aspirational in their vision of retirement. Because the customer is at the center of this brand, FAR has broadened its creative spectrum to include a spokescharacter who can embody the essence of FAR’s relationship with consumers.

The next generation preparing for retirement needs a modern brand with modern solutions that meet their needs. The retirement of today is not the same as it used to be, and companies in this space need to demonstrate an understanding of the contemporary customer. FAR research has shown the “felt age” of this audience is much younger than their biological age, which means they will be receptive to a more modern, design-forward approach to communications than is typically seen in retirement marketing.

“Finance of America has always had product innovation in our DNA and that has allowed us to create novel solutions that provide a wider breadth of opportunities for our customers. When we embarked on our transformation project within FAR three years ago, we knew we needed to take that same level of innovation and weave it into our customer experience as well as the way we advertise our solutions. This meant looking beyond the confines of our industry, as we did when we created EquityAvail,” said Kristen Sieffert, President of FAR. “It is very clear that FAR is charting our own true path forward and this refresh embodies the energy of our vision of helping more people enjoy a thriving retirement while also amplifying the deep personal connection we have with our customers.”

The reveal today includes the launch of FAR.com (formerly fareverse.com) as the primary web property for the company. The new look and feel are reflected throughout the site and features introductory films for each lending product led by Gary, the new spokescharacter. These videos and other assets will also live on social media as FAR rolls out the refresh across its channels. In the future, FAR will build on the new website and brand refresh with the addition of new resources, calculators, tools, education, reviews and borrower stories over the coming months.

About Finance of America Reverse

As a retirement solutions company and part of the Finance of America Companies (NYSE: FOA) family of companies, Finance of America Reverse is committed to empowering people with the tools they need to achieve financial independence and get to work on retirement. Through its team of Licensed Loan Officers and network of professional and wholesale partners, Finance of America Reverse offers products and services designed to help older Americans include home equity in their retirement plans. The company is licensed nationally and is a proud member of the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association (NRMLA).

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