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We Wanted To Take the Pressure off Us

After enjoying successful careers as entrepreneurs, Keith and Julianne started to evaluate where they were in life and the expenses needed to maintain their lifestyle.

With a home overlooking The Sunset Strip, Keith and Julianne have seen a world of opportunities.

With a long career of working together, raising a son, and entering 40 years of marriage, these two have a fun banter and playful chemistry as they navigate the next chapter of their lives. Julianne has been a talented artist throughout her life, writing music for the entertainment industry, while also working with Keith in their LA based event production company.

Over the past 8 years, Julianne has found her true passion as an artist and is at the high point of her career with over 25 national and international museum exhibitions to date. As they began to look toward their future and earning potential, they began to look at their life from a different lens. “We came to terms with where we were in life in a deeper way. And asked ourselves, what do we want to do with the time we have left?” says Julianne. “I wanted to move and leave California, but I didn’t have an answer for where I wanted to go. But we had pressures on us to make the same kind of money to support the lifestyle we had gotten used to.”

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If we wanted to continue living the lifestyle we were living, we needed to do something drastic, like move out of the house or live differently.

— Julianne and Keith, Real HomeSafe Customers