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Bob Talpas

Your local Reverse Mortgage Advisor

NMLS# 813958

San Diego, CA

(619) 920-1260

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Bob Talpas

Your local Reverse Mortgage Advisor

NMLS# 813958

San Diego, CA

A loan officer since 1983 and reverse mortgage specialist since 2008, Bob helps seniors take the next step to achieve financial independence and live-in comfort in their golden years. He enjoys listening to borrowers’ stories about their lives and families, creating genuine connections from sheer curiosity. Bob takes pride in educating his customers on how they can live their retirement their way.

More About Me

In addition to being your local agent, I enjoy:

  • Avid golfer and swimmer
  • Traveling throughout Europe
  • Visiting our National Parks

Recognitions and Certifications:

  • Bachelor of Arts from San Diego State University

Did You Know?

Reverse mortgages are a safe and strategic solution for homeowners in or nearing retirement to live more comfortably and be better financially prepared for the future.

Pay off an existing mortgage or home equity loan

Reduce monthly expenses

Buy a home that matches your needs and dreams in retirement


of households comprised of people who are age 65 are “at risk” of not having enough funds to maintain their standard of living during retirement. And using a reverse mortgage can reduce that risk.1

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Bob Talpas

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