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Jumbo Reverse Mortgages: Who Are They For?

A jumbo reverse mortgage is another way of referring to a proprietary reverse mortgage that offers a larger loan limit than a HECM. Here's what makes them different.

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What to Know About Funding Education With a Reverse Mortgage

A reverse mortgage is a possible way of helping a child or grandchild get a secondary education. Here's what you should know before you decide to fund their education with a reverse mortgage.

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Qualifications for a Reverse Mortgage in California

Getting a reverse mortgage in California is very similar to other states with a few key differences that give borrowers extra rights.

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Title and Reverse Mortgages: What You Need to Know

When you take a reverse mortgage, the title to your home remains in your name. Here's what a title is and how it works with a reverse mortgage.

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Will a Reverse Mortgage Affect My Social Security

A reverse mortgage will not affect your social security, but it can have an impact on other government need based programs.

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2023 Educational Travel for Seniors

Looking for a trip that feeds your mind and soul? Start your search with these educational travel options for seniors in 2023.

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12 Retirement Questions Financial Advisors Hear Most Often

The topic of retirement finances brings up endless questions. Here the the 12 questions financial advisors are asked by their clients most often.

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Is “Senior Citizen” an Outdated Term?

Is it time we retire the phrase senior citizen? Most people think so. Here's where the term comes from and why it's fallen out of favor.

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6 Cheap Ways to Keep Your Brain Young 

Keeping your brain agile and young is a worthwhile pursuit that doesn't have to cost a thing. Learn six ways that you can keep your brain fit and have fun doing it.

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What’s the Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid?

Though the names sound the same, Medicare and Medicaid are different government programs that serve largely different groups of people. There are however, some overlaps.