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3 Min. Read

What Is a Pension?

Less common than they once were, pensions are savings vehicles for retirement. Here's who gets one and how they work.

10 Min. Read

What Is Medicare and How Does It Work?

With its maze of overlapping terms, learning about Medicare can be intimidating. This simple guide has the basics covered.

2 Min. Read

Can You Rent Out a House With a Reverse Mortgage?

If you're looking for sources of cash flow in retirement, renting your home is often a good idea. But if you have a reverse mortgage, you'll have to live there too.

5 Min. Read

How IRAs Work

Learn about the types of IRAs and how they work, so you can choose the right one for your situation and needs.

4 Min. Read

Alternatives to a HELOC

A home equity line of credit is only one of many ways to access equity you've accrued in your home. Here is a list and explanation of other options.

4 Min. Read

How Home Equity Can Help With Retirement

Many people overlook home equity as a source of funds for retirement. Learn about different vehicles for tapping into the equity in your home.

5 Min. Read

Your Financial Wellness Checklist

Assessing and evaluating your financial wellness will help you make informed decisions about funding the kind of lifestyle you want in retirement.

4 Min. Read

Applying for a Reverse Mortgage in 7 Steps

The process for getting any mortgage can be confusing. We break down getting a reverse mortgage into seven simple steps, starting with research.

3 Min. Read

Understanding 401(k)s and Retirement

401(k)s are popular and useful retirement savings vehicles. Learn how they work and where they fit in to your retirement plan.

4 Min. Read

What Inflation Means for Retirees

Inflation can be particularly burdensome on retirees who are living off a combination of their nest egg and fixed income sources. Here's what to look out for and how to hedge against it.