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6 Ways to Avoid Probate Court

When the time comes to pass on their estate, most people would prefer their heirs didn't have to deal with probate court. Here are 6 ways to set up your estate to avoid probate court.

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Using a Charitable Trust to Secure Your Legacy

A charitable trust is a helpful tool to secure your legacy. Find out the types of charitable trusts and whether it is a right fit for you.

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Revocable vs. Irrevocable Trust

Look at revocable vs. irrevocable trusts to understand the differences and determine which one is a best fit for you.

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What’s in the No Surprises Act and How Can it Help You?

If you've ever been caught off-guard by a surprise bill, you know how frustrating they can be. The good news is the no-surprises act offers some protections.

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Should the U.S. Lower the Retirement Age?

As people live longer, they are retiring later, but there are some compelling reasons to clower the retirement age.

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Nursing Homes Versus Assisted Living: What’s the Difference?

Both nursing homes and assisted living facilities provide care to people who need help. The difference starts with the level of care.

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Can You Retire Without Savings?

People with little or no savings face many challenges in retirement. Though not ideal, there are ways to make it work. Here are some options for retiring without savings.

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Everything You Need to Know About Inheriting a House

If you have, or are set to inherit a house you'll have to make a variety of decisions, starting with what you're going to do with it. Here's a guide to inheriting a house.

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What Is a Retirement Mortgage?

A retirement mortgage is any mortgage taken in retirement. Here is a rundown of the various types of retirement mortgages available.

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What Is “Non-Recourse” in a HECM?

Non-recourse status is an important benefit of a home equity conversion mortgage. Here's how it works and what it offers consumers.