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Can You Lose Your House with a Reverse Mortgage?

Because of misinformation surrounding reverse mortgages, some homeowners worry that this type of loa...

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Retirement Planning: What Your House Can Do for You

By the time you reach retirement age, you may have built up a good amount of equity in your home. Wh...

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What Is Home Equity?

After spending years or even decades building up home equity, many homeowners don’t know they ...

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Are Reverse Mortgages Safe?

During conversations about home equity, a common question often arises—are reverse mortgages safe?...

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Many acronyms are used in the mortgage world, so many that it’s easy to get confused. When you...

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Does Your House Count as Retirement Savings?

What exactly are retirement savings? Accounts created to prepare for post-work years, such as 401(k)...

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Are Heirs Responsible for Reverse Mortgage Debt?

The misconception that heirs inherit reverse mortgage debt may prevent potential borrowers from util...

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Reverse Mortgage Changes Offer Protection for Spouses

Non-borrowing spouses now have additional protections when their older partner takes out a reverse m...

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What Is the Best Age to Retire?

Deciding on the best age to retire usually comes down to three main factors: health, financial well-...

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What Is a Home Equity Line of Credit?

Homeowners can tap into their home equity in a variety of ways. One option is a home equity lin...