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How Much Equity Is in My House?

Learn how to calculate your home equity and how understanding it can help you leverage it to your advantage.

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How Does a Reverse Mortgage Line of Credit Work?

A reverse mortgage line of credit has some unique features that can make it both a useful tool in the present and security for the future.

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What Is a Backdoor Roth IRA?

A backdoor roth IRA is a tax saving tool that offers advantages for certain taxpayers. Here's what you should know and who should consider one.

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Can I Get a Reverse Mortgage if I Have Bad Credit?

Reverse mortgages do not have a required credit score, but credit history is considered as part of the approval process. Here's what you need to know about credit and reverse mortgage.

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Reverse Mortgage Tradeoffs: What You Give, What You Get

In any financial transaction there are tradeoffs. Here's a rundown of what you give up and what you gain when you take a reverse mortgage.

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Free Retirement Planning Courses

Retirement planning advice doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg. Check out these courses and resources that offer retirement planning education for free.

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3 Myths Surrounding Generational Wealth and Homeownership

Generational wealth is an important and misunderstood topic. While home ownership can be a component of generational wealth, it is only one part of a larger concept.

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Can I Get a Reverse Mortgage on My Condo?

FHA-approved condos are eligible for home equity conversion mortgages. Here's how you can find out if yours is eligible, and what to do if it isn't.

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What Is an Annuity?

For people with excess cash to put in a long term investment, annuities can offer a relatively safe, high yield growth vehicle. Here's how they work and who they are good for.

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Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure With a Reverse Mortgage

Though foreclosure is in the title, a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure is actually a way of avoiding the foreclosure process.