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Tips and information for living better in retirement.

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4 Min. Read

Inclusive Travel for Seniors: A Path to Adventure Tailored Your Needs

Don't let the physical changes and challenges that come with aging stop you from getting out and having an adventure. A new crop of inclusive travel companies is opening experiences for everyone.

2 Min. Read

What are Area Agencies of Aging, and What Can They Do for You?

Find out about Area Agencies of Aging (AAA) and how they can help you and your loved ones.

4 Min. Read

Renting or Owning in Retirement: Which Is Better?

Deciding whether to rent or own in retirement can be tricky. Homeownership involves a lot of upkeep, but you build equity. Renting is easier, but is it worth the tradeoff? Here are some things to consider when making a decision.

4 Min. Read

Benefits of Establishing an Art Practice in Retirement

Interested in painting, pottery, or drawing? The good news is there are multiple benefits to establishing an art practice in retirement.

3 Min. Read

Why Diamond Painting Is a Great Hobby for Seniors

Not only is diamond painting a fun way to add some sparkle to your life, it can also offer some excellent mental and physical benefits to senior crafters.

4 Min. Read

Can You Afford to Age in Place?

Many people want to stay in their homes as they age. But being able to age in place takes more than a dream. Learn how to decide if you have sufficient funds to make the dream a reality.

4 Min. Read

Combating Loneliness in Retirement

Loneliness is on the rise among retirees and can cause serious health issues. If you or someone you know is experiencing loneliness in retirement, here is what to do.

4 Min. Read

Nursing Homes Versus Assisted Living: What’s the Difference?

Both nursing homes and assisted living facilities provide care to people who need help. The difference starts with the level of care.

4 Min. Read

Everything You Need to Know About Inheriting a House

If you have, or are set to inherit a house you'll have to make a variety of decisions, starting with what you're going to do with it. Here's a guide to inheriting a house.

5 Min. Read

Navigating a Hospital Stay: A Stress-free Guide

Whether it's an emergency or a planned procedure, the prospect of a stay in the hospital is full of unknowns. Here's some advice for navigating your hospital stay that should ease your anxiety.