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Brenda Lange

Brenda Lange has extensive experience as a freelance writer (and editor) of diverse topics for an equally diverse clientele including nonprofits, colleges/universities/independent educators, magazines and newspapers.

She specializes in profiles, case studies, features and news stories, and business and marketing materials.

You can find her at

freelance writer Brenda Lange

Articles by Brenda Lange

a couple stroll a market street on their trip of a lifetime
8 Min. Read

How to Plan the Trip of a Lifetime

Whatever "trip of a lifetime" means to you, putting time and effort into planning can make your trip everything you hope it will be.

A woman running up a flight of stairs because she doesn't believe retirement is bad for your health
5 Min. Read

Is Retirement Bad for Your Health?

Depending on how you approach it, retirement can offer health benefits or the opposite. Finding ways to feel fulfilled can go a long way to giving you a healthy, happy retirement.